NLP Hypnosis

Initially conceived by Dr.John Grinder and Richard Bandler, Neuro Linguistic Programming has been demonstrated in numerous psychological studies to provide effective techniques both for inducing positive emotional states and for replacing self-defeating behavior patterns with more attractive and life-enhancing alternatives.
The programs are made to be interesting, informative and pleasant to listen to in your conscious mind - but the real work is being done in your subconscious with the NLP techniques!

These techniques are sometimes used in TV adverts, but instead of inducing you to buy a product that you don't really want, here they are inducing you to transform your life for the better, in ways that you already most dearly want.

Combining these innovative approaches, the NLP Hypnosis MetaVision Programs generate within you a thoroughly positive life perception: naturally.

(True Subliminals, 2005).

ยป Subliminal self-help tapes are also available in cassettes, CD's and mp3's and have been used all over the world. There are testimonials available that show their effectiveness in personal improvement. Examples of areas where concealed audios have been helpful are

-weight loss
-quitting smoking
-improvement in sexual function