Does subliminal stimuli affect behavior?

By Amber, Shannan, Bonnie, and Tabatha, April 2010
York University


What is Subliminal Stimuli? Subliminal stimuli is a sensory stimulation below an individuals absolute threshold (the minimum amount of stimulus energy that can be detected 50% of the time) for conscious perception. Subliminal stimuli occurs whenever stimuli presented below the threshold for awareness are found to influence thoughts, feelings,or actions. Visual stimuli, such as words or pictures can be unidentifiable to the viewers conscious perception, although some will argue that such stimuli can exert an effect on an individuals behaviors and or judgments.There is also audio subliminal stimuli that a person may hear in songs,or recordings which can contain messages below these audible sounds that are inaudible as far as conscious perception. The theory behind the use of subliminal stimuli is that the messages being received from an individuals audio or visual levels will be received directly by the subconscious mind.